Best Foods for Men Over 50

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Metabolism tends to slow down as age creeps in, and it is necessary to watch what you eat to maintain a fit body. Eating a healthy diet and maintaining regular exercise can ensure that you do not suffer from common health issues related to age. Also, they need to do metabolic strength training that focuses on melting unwanted fats and is one of the fit after 50 program components. This article looks at the best foods that can boost energy without adding weight.

Whole Meals and Vegetables

VegetablesCarbohydrates are necessary for the diet because they give your body energy to exercise and do your routine activities. Extreme low-carb diets can lead to complications like nutrient deficiency and chronic fatigue. Since it is impossible to avoid carbs, it is advisable to stick to healthy carb diets like whole grains, veggies, nuts, fruits, legumes, and seeds.

The unhealthy carb diets that should be avoided include white bread, refined grains, and sugary products. Men over 50 should always eat at least 130 grams of carbs every day to maintain good health, and you can meet this requirement by eating sufficient healthy carbs.  

Ketogenic Diet

a full avocado and a halfThe ketogenic diet is a high-fat diet and low in carbs diet, and it was initially recommended for epilepsy patients to control seizures. Dietary fat is the body’s primary energy source, and it is burnt up to provide the necessary calories without adding unnecessary fats to the body. The ketogenic diet can be ideal while losing weight. However, you cannot solely rely on it to sustain long-term weight control because it can lead to chronic fatigue and nutrient deficiency brought about by insufficient dietary requirements. Avocado is an excellent example of a food that can work well in weight loss.   

Detox Diets 

The body accumulates toxins, and it is healthy to keep detoxing to promote optimum functioning of the gut and other body parts. The detox diet works by emptying the intestines to enhance metabolism and losing excess fats. Some of the famous natural detoxes are natural juices, vegetables, fruits, herbs, and soups. You can find what works best for you and do the detox regularly. However, detox diets are not long-term solutions to losing weight. 

Many foods are ideal for weight management, especially for men over 50, but the critical point in maintaining a healthy body is by eating a healthy balanced diet. It is easy to lose excess fat, but it can tend to come back as soon unless you are consistent in weight control.  


Exercising for Joint Health

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healthy joints

Joints connect bones in the body. They connect one set of bones to the other until the whole body is put together as a single unit. They are responsible for various degrees of body movements. This explains why joint health is crucial for overall body health. Joints should be frictionless.

Friction in the joints causes a lot of pain and discomfort. Most joints are self-lubricating, but others need to be lubricated through exercising and proper nutrition. Generally, exercising is good for joint health. However, there is the right and the wrong way of exercising. Visit for more information on how to exercise in the right way. Here are a few reasons why exercising is important for joint health.

Complex Exercises Lubricate Body Joints


Complex exercises work out various muscles simultaneously. They include lunges, leg presses, step-ups, deadlifts, squats, and push-ups. Multi-joint exercises don’t just improve your joint health- they also keep your body in good shape and enhance your flexibility. Step-ups work out the lower body muscles while deadlifts exercise the upper body muscles.


Push-ups enhance the growth of triceps, shoulders, and the chest. Leg presses and squats, on the other hand, encourage the growth of muscles in the calves, glutes, quads, and hamstrings. Therefore, these exercises leave the whole body totally worked out and well balanced.

Isolation Exercises Strengthen the Busiest Body Joints

Whenever you exercise for joint health, always make sure that you perform both single joint movements and multi-joint movements. Exercising every part of the body evenly always brings about a certain balance in the body musculature and joints. However, you need to give special attention to the busiest joints of your body, depending on your lifestyle. That is why, after performing complex exercises for some time, you should also perform isolation exercises.

The bench press is one of the recommended exercises that focus on the joints in the shoulders and elbows. Another exercise is the shoulder press. It works the core and upper body muscles. In general, isolation exercises strengthen the busiest muscle groups of the body to prepare them for their tasks.

Aerobic Exercises Enhance the Endurance of Joints

woman running

Aerobic exercises are also useful for joint health. They lead to weight loss and even distribution of body mass throughout the body. Consequently, they ensure that none of the body joints is overburdened relative to the other. They also enhance the endurance level of body joints. Aerobic exercises include swimming, running, walking and bike riding, among others.

You, however, need to be careful, when performing these exercise as they can easily lead to joint pain. For instance, running is good for your joints, but it easily strains your hip joints. You can perform hip rotations and hip flexing to enhance hip joint health after running for several minutes. Overall, engage in aerobic activities routinely but be gentle on your joints. Don’t overstrain them.

The wrong way leads to joint problems while the right way enhances joint health. On top of exercising, you should also check what you eat and take joint health supplements to enhance health and comfort in your joints.…

Benefits of Taking Coffee Before Workouts

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Coffee is one of the most common ingredients in sports supplements. It has been helping many athletes and other people who are going to the gym to reach their goals. Coffee is considered as a healthy preworkout drink. This product acts as a fitness and health-enhancing tool when consumed in the right way. Studies have proven that people who consume pre-workout coffee burn more calories.


Its other benefits include improved endurance, improved memory, muscle preservation, pain reduction, and improved microcirculation. You can use this product before exercises to improve the fat burning process and stimulate energy production. Apart from boosting metabolic rates, taking a cup of pre-work coffee has other benefits that include the following:

Improved endurance

A meta-analysis study that was concluded in 2005 revealed that coffee is helpful in reducing the levels of exertion by at least five percent. This is an effect that makes one’s exercises feel easier. Additionally, this substance is helpful in improving performance during exercises by eleven percent, an effect that is closely related to that of lowering the perceived levels of exertion.

Improved Micro-Circulation

A study that was recently conducted in Japan showed a thirty percent increase in blood flow among those people who take coffee regularly as compared to those who drink decaf. Improving the level of circulation in the blood is an effective way of improving oxygenation of tissues, an effect that boosts one’s exercise performance.

Improved Memory

Activating and converting the brain stem cells into new neurons is helpful in enhancing the functionality of the brain. Caffeine is known for enhancing memory in people for up to one day.

Muscle Preservation

Muscle Preservation

Coffee is known for triggering a mechanism in the brain that releases an essential growth factor known as Brain-Derived Neuropathic Factor. Besides the brain, this factor also expresses itself in the muscles by supporting the neuromotor, a critical element in the muscles. Lack of neuromotor in the muscles is like having an engine that is not ignited. In other words, coffee is helpful in maintaining the youthfulness of the muscle tissues. Another study from Coventry University revealed that coffee is helpful in offsetting the loss of muscle strength associated with aging as well as reducing the risks of injuries.

Pain Reduction

Research that was conducted at the University of Illinois revealed that taking coffee prior to workouts is effective in reducing the levels of muscle pain. Reducing pain can allow the participant to push him/herself harder. This is important for those guys who are actively involved in high-intensity exercises.…

Top Tips for Treadmill Buying

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A treadmill is regarded as one of the best home exercise machines. Before you make it a serious investment, a person ought to be sure they can use the machine, and it can help them achieve his or her fitness goals. In fact, a treadmill can become an expensive rack for clothes if you are not dedicated to using it. One of the best treadmills is the treadclimber. You should read a review of the TreadClimber before buying. The following are some tips to help you choose the right treadmill machine for your home gym.


treadmill 3d modelPrice is an important factor to consider when buying any sports or fitness equipment. The truth is that treadmills are available in a wide range of prices. You can find one for a few hundred dollars and others costing thousands of dollars. It is advisable to get a less expensive treadmill if you are not going to use it quite often. When it comes to buying fitness equipment, you get what you pay for. Thus, it is advisable to look for rebates before you decide to purchase a given treadmill.


The main types of treadmills are motorized and manual treadmills. Usually, the manual ones are less expensive to motorized ones. This is because they have few parts that require maintenance. Thus, you can have peace of mind without worrying about parts breaking down. However, they are a bit difficult when starting them. In addition, they do not allow for incline adjustment. The good thing about the manual treadmills is that they are a bit quieter as compared to motorized ones.


Even the folding machines may take up a lot of space, especially when they are being used. Thus, you should ensure there is adequate space for your treadmill. This will minimize the chance of injury if you fall off the treadmill. You should note that most treadmills that are on the market are difficult to move. Thus, it is necessary to consider where you will place your machine before you buy it. It is advisable to keep the treadmill away from the pets and children because they can be injured.


You should note that a single treadmill cannot fit every person’s fitness needs. In fact, each treadmill is quite different and will have a unique effect on the body. It is a good idea to test some few models to find one that suits your needs. For instance, you should check the arm rail placement and belt width.…