Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

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Eating gives your metabolism a slight boost, known as food’s thermal effect. It is said that it generates energy in your body to boost metabolism and accounts for 10 percent of your total metabolism. In some cases, the body has to work harder to break down and metabolize certain fats – that is, burn food, and these foods have a warming effect on our body’s calorie consumption. Eating enough protein and taking a metaboost connection is linked to a stronger metabolism, drinking natural forms of caffeine in moderation, such as coffee or tea. Healthy, high-protein snacks with wild fish and grass, as well as fed beef, are a simple metabolism booster that will keep you full for longer.

exerciseHave Enough Physical Activities

Studies have shown that high-intensity interval training gets your metabolism going and allows you to continue burning calories and fat even after the workout. If you are looking for a new way to exercise, but this form of exercise does not bring the desired results, try HIIT. A physical activity regime that includes activities such as cycling, walking, or jogging will help you increase your metabolism during these activities and for several hours afterward. Always give everything after training, even if it only takes a few minutes or even an hour or two.

Avoid Being Sedentary

Standing prevents you from working out at the gym, at work, or at home (to name a few), which boosts your metabolism overall. If you replace sitting with standing in the afternoon at work, you burn an additional 175 calories a day. This means that you burn even more calories a day. This will make your muscles move and promote good digestion, and eventually improve your metabolism. When exercise is good, it is particularly beneficial to take a walk home, and taking the stairs can boost your metabolism.

Rehydrate Often

One study found that after a glass of water, metabolism increased by 24 percent within an hour. The body uses energy to warm its body temperature, and we have a metabolic fat known as brown fat that helps us regulate temperature and keep us warm when we are cold. If you are well-hydrated, it can quickly breakdown fats and proteins and turn into energy.

Bottom Line

The effect is tiny, but the best way to boost metabolism is to combine healthy eating with an exercise plan. Instead, you should eat nutritious foods, add running to your workout rhythm, try weight training, and incorporate high-intensity training into your fitness regime. Strength exercises build muscles and reduce body fat, so the good news is that you build muscles.