4 Tips for Buying CBD Oil for Cats

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a mean cat

CBD stands for Cannabidiol. It has just become popular recently because more and more countries have lifted the ban on marijuana-related substances. Yes, you heard that right. CBD is derived from cannabis/marijuana. If you’re a cat lover, and you are foreign to cannabis, this fact may surprise you. But you should know that dosing cats with CBD is not as crazy as it sounds. 

Understand the Potential Benefits of CBD for Your Cats

The studies on CBD’s effects on cats are still new, so solid facts regarding this treatment is not yet available. But let’s take a look at Ginge. Owned by Jacek Matusiak, Ginge suffered from tumors on his paw, strokes, enlarged weight loss, and weight loss. Vets decided to put him down, but luckily, Jacek started adding 5 drops of CBD oil to Ginge’s food, and within just 2 days, all the symptoms improved. 

Your cat may not suffer from the same extreme condition. But even that, they can still benefit from CBD’s beneficial properties for mood disorders, hormonal imbalance, inflamed bowel syndrome, or stress.

Know Where to Get the Best CBD Product

If you decide to give your cat CBD, you have to make sure that you only give them the best and the purest. Otherwise, you may put them at risk of developing allergies and irritations since they are susceptible to chemical additives like alcohol and caffeine. 

Therefore, you’d better go to a local dispensary so that you can talk with them regarding their product’s purity. If anything is not as claimed, you can always get back to them in person. 

Mind the Dose Carefully

 Therefore, you’d better start with a few drops if you want to treat mild symptoms. Just like the case above, we can assume that 1 to 2 drops may be enough in the beginning. Then observe if your cat shows any signs of discomfort. If they show any, reduce the dose. If the cat can’t even stand for 1 drop, then the treatment may not be for them. Don’t risk it!

Take Notes on the Progress

Since CBD used for cats is still a revolutionary idea, you, as the cat’s owner, have to understand your responsibility. You should be open to both the benefits and risks. 

First, monitor your cat’s poop. If the texture changes, the CBD treatment you’re giving may irritate their digestive system. Try to reduce the dose. If the diarrhea continues, you have to consult a vet. 

Second, observe if your cat vomits or not. Don’t get fooled easily because some cats are very clever in hiding their vomit. If they do vomit, it is a sign of intoxication. You should stop administering CBD immediately and talk to a vet.