Hand Sanitizer Buying Guide

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The continent is currently battling one of the deadliest pandemics witnessed in recent years. Coronavirus, commonly referred to as COVID-19, has claimed the lives of many across the globe. There have been 14.5 million-plus confirmed cases, with over 600,000 deaths reported. COVID-19 has also affected our social-economic lifestyle. Most schools and businesses have closed, with many forced to work from home. Coronavirus is a highly infectious respiratory disease with pneumonia-like traits.

Common symptoms include fever, dry cough, fatigue, and breathing difficulties in severe cases. It can be easily spread by inhaling droplets released through sneezing. You can also get it through greeting an infected person or touching contaminated surfaces.

You should also observe socialgel sanitizer distancing and wear surgical masks when in public spaces. Hand sanitizers are essential when it comes to killing germs. Most of them have different ingredients that are tough on germs and viruses. Cleaning your hands using them will keep you free from COVID-19 and other conditions you are likely to contract when you come into contact with germs. You should look for the right hand sanitizer for the best results. Here is what to consider when choosing one.


The ingredients in a specific hand sanitizer is one of the things to consider when looking for one. Alcohol is a common ingredient in most sanitizers, and it plays a crucial role in killing germs after touching infected surfaces. Most hand sanitizers have a 70% alcohol content, which is considered the best for killing bacteria and viruses. You should look at the available ingredients in the hand sanitizer you plan to buy.


The level of effectivenessgel sanitizer of the hand sanitizer you are buying is the other thing to consider. There are some that are highly-effective compared to others. The composition can determine the effectiveness levels of your hand sanitizer. Sanitizers with the right alcohol levels are the best if you want something that will work perfectly to kill all the germs and viruses.

Scented or Not

The scent of the hand sanitizer you intend to buy is something else you need to consider. You will come across certain types that are scented and others that don’t have any smell. Non-scented sanitizers have the natural alcohol smell in them. You should look for one that will not trigger any allergic reactions.