Benefits of Taking Coffee Before Workouts

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Coffee is one of the most common ingredients in sports supplements. It has been helping many athletes and other people who are going to the gym to reach their goals. Coffee is considered as a healthy preworkout drink. This product acts as a fitness and health-enhancing tool when consumed in the right way. Studies have proven that people who consume pre-workout coffee burn more calories.


Its other benefits include improved endurance, improved memory, muscle preservation, pain reduction, and improved microcirculation. You can use this product before exercises to improve the fat burning process and stimulate energy production. Apart from boosting metabolic rates, taking a cup of pre-work coffee has other benefits that include the following:

Improved endurance

A meta-analysis study that was concluded in 2005 revealed that coffee is helpful in reducing the levels of exertion by at least five percent. This is an effect that makes one’s exercises feel easier. Additionally, this substance is helpful in improving performance during exercises by eleven percent, an effect that is closely related to that of lowering the perceived levels of exertion.

Improved Micro-Circulation

A study that was recently conducted in Japan showed a thirty percent increase in blood flow among those people who take coffee regularly as compared to those who drink decaf. Improving the level of circulation in the blood is an effective way of improving oxygenation of tissues, an effect that boosts one’s exercise performance.

Improved Memory

Activating and converting the brain stem cells into new neurons is helpful in enhancing the functionality of the brain. Caffeine is known for enhancing memory in people for up to one day.

Muscle Preservation

Muscle Preservation

Coffee is known for triggering a mechanism in the brain that releases an essential growth factor known as Brain-Derived Neuropathic Factor. Besides the brain, this factor also expresses itself in the muscles by supporting the neuromotor, a critical element in the muscles. Lack of neuromotor in the muscles is like having an engine that is not ignited. In other words, coffee is helpful in maintaining the youthfulness of the muscle tissues. Another study from Coventry University revealed that coffee is helpful in offsetting the loss of muscle strength associated with aging as well as reducing the risks of injuries.

Pain Reduction

Research that was conducted at the University of Illinois revealed that taking coffee prior to workouts is effective in reducing the levels of muscle pain. Reducing pain can allow the participant to push him/herself harder. This is important for those guys who are actively involved in high-intensity exercises.